Dreams of Dystopia

DoD Box Shot Preview copy

is an easy to pick up yet deeply strategic and very much interactive and combat centered Deckbuilding Game – a genre popularized only a few years ago by award winning games like Dominion and Thunderstone – for 2 – 4 players, set in a (post)apocalyptic world where the powers of evil are fighting with the last bastions of the remnants of the human race. In Dreams of Dystopia, you pick your side – either  Divine or Demonic – or you decide to tread the perilous path of twilight, being neither fully Divine nor entirely Demonic.

What is typical for each game of this Genre (Deckbuilding Game) is that each player will start out with a small, identical Starting Deck of just 10 cards…

Starting Deck NEW

…which will be expanded and enhanced over the course of and as integral part of the actual gameplay, as you will be “buying” new cards and adding them to your growing deck or even remove unwanted cards from the same. This way, players will be able to adopt countless winning strategies or even adapt to opponent strategies through the choices they make when purchasing new cards. In the base set of the Dreams of Dystopia Deckbuilding Game, there will be 6 Masters, each with a  Divine and a Demonic Side, no less than 16 Minions with unique abilities (again with Divine and Demonic versions of each card) as well as an array of 8 Weapons, each coming in a Divine and a Demonic Version. Due to the nature of the game, this will give you a total of 12 different Masters, 32 different Minion and 16 different Weapon cards, which is not too bad of a card pool for a base set of a deckbuilding game!

DoD Card Types

What makes Dreams of Dystopia TRULY UNIQUE and makes ist a “Deckbuilding Deck with a TWIST” indeed is the fact that each card is double-sided, with the Divine side or incarnation of the card on one side and its Demonic “alter ego” which usually has alternative and/or contrary abilties and such on the other side of the card. Due to gameplay issues, this will require the use of opaque card sleeves in order to be able to properly play a game of DoD (for instance you need to conceal the contents of your hand from your opponents among other things). But fear not, your copy of DoD will include an ample amount of high quality card sleeves to support all players!

The goal of the game

is pretty unique too for Deckbuilding Game Standards: Instead of accumulating Victory Points or the likes of that like commonly done in many similar games, Dreams of Dystopia adopts a rather aggressive approach that leads to a lot of direct player interacton and player vs player combat: Each Master (your avatar in the game) has a number of Life Points. Reduce the Life Points of all opponent’s to zero through attacking and blocking cleverly with the Minions you added to your Deck and you shall be declared victor! In turn, having your own Life Points reduced to zero spells defeat for you! It might sound very much standard for Customizable/Collectible Card Games like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh, but the system is something you do not see that often in a Deckbuidling Game and works like a charm in even as much as forcing players to interact directly, be means of direct player vs player combat.

Furthermore it has to be noted that the game capitalizes greatly on the double-sided cards mechanic and right from the very beginning, upon initially choosing a Divine or a Demonic Master, it does matter to which side – Divine or Demonic – you subscribe – with the possibility of even being able to switch certain cards from Divine to Demonic and vice versa if strategically necessary or clever or even transforming your whole deck from (mostly) Divine to (mostly) Demonic.

That is a short glimpse of or overview into how the Dreams of Dystopia Deckbuilding Game works and play out. For furhter information an a comprehensive look at the game rules, please do check out the current draft of the rules PDF here:

Dreams of Dystopia Rules Manual V. 1.0

On a closing note, here some photos of how an actual game of Dreams of Dystopia actuall looks like (the version shown is the prototype V.0.1):


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