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If you want to experience the immersive world of Dreams of Dystopia but are not particularly fond of Deckbuilding Games, the

DoD Customizable Card Game

DoD CCG Box & Cards

may be just the right thing for you!! The game heavily borrows from the original deckbuilder version not only in visual style and artwork, but also when it comes to game mechanics. It could even be called a hybrid between a traditional CCG and a more modern Deckbuidling Game approach and it blurs the border between Deckbuilder and CCG.

The biggest difference between the DoD Deckbuilder and the CCG “spin off” of the former is of course the deckbuilding and customization. While in the DoD Deckbuilder the whole point of the game is to build and customize your deck during and as integral part of the actual gameplay, in the CCG version of DoD, players have to assemble their decks prior to actually playing the game. Which some may prefer over the rather new Deckbuilding Game approach introduced by Dominion several years ago.

In the DoD CCG, which will be available through The Game Crafter in the USA later this year, players will be able to build a huge variety of different decks with the 90 different cards being included in the first release (base set): Besides 10 different Masters, which will serve as your avatar for your deck and during actual gameplay, 66 mighty Minions and 14 different Weapon cards, ample Heroic Deed (Resource cards) and Curse Cards (pesky, useless cards you can annoy your opponent with) will be included in one 2 Player Full Set will give you a total of 300 cards to toy around and have fun with!

In the DoD CCG there will be Divine and Demonic cards same as in the DoD Deckbuilder, but in case of the CCG we skipped the double-sided cards and with that the flipping of said cards altogether, making seperate Divine and Demonic cards, since we got mixed feedback on the surely unique but for some people troublesome double sided cards mechanic involving  constant sleeving of cards and such. In the CCG we furthermore introduced 8 very unique races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and with their very own race or faction icon. Take a look!

Races with Icons


For a more in depth look into how the DoD CCG is played, it is recommended to read the rules booklet which can be downloaded right here: DoD CCG Rules Draft V.0.1

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