As “Dominion-Style” Deckbuilding Games are not everyone’s cup of tea, we are also offering you the DoD CCG 

DoD CCG Banner

…as in Customizable Card Game. DoD CCG is not and will never be collectible – no random booster pack nonsense and no money sink effect ever! So if you prefer to build your decks prior to play not during the actual gameplay as in the DoD Deckbuilder, but rather want to make tons of different, customized-to-the-max decks from a large initial card pool, then you might want to take a look at DoD the CCG!

The DoD CCG is based in the same world or universe as the deckbuilder, has a similar look and feel both when it comes to visuals and gameplay and could even be called something akin to a crossbreed between a classic Deckbuilder Game and a traditional Customizable Card Game. In this section you will find some info about the actual game, will be able to look at the 9o (!!) different cards that will be coming in multiples of 3 of each in your DoD CCG box, which will be available through The Game Crafter LLC exclusively once we finished testing and fine-tuning!

Anyways if you are curious, we have provided you with an About Section on the DoD CCG where you can get and overview of how the game works and what makes it unique etc as well as a Cards Section in which you can take a gander at all the DoD CCG prototype cards (please keep that in mind – the previews may look polished and very much finished indeed but in fact they are just part of our current prototype!).

The full DoD CCG Game Rules Draft Version 0.1 can be downloaded Here: DoD CCG Rules Draft V.0.1!

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